Hello! We’re Svetlana and Anastasia and we want to help littles everywhere plug into a new kind of play time. 

It started two years ago when Anastasia’s son got a handmade “quiet book” from Russia. Packed cover to cover with games, puzzles, buckles, and bows — our kids were hooked and honestly, so were we. We never liked using our phones to occupy our kids’ attention in public but sometimes it was the only way, or so we thought. 

Watching their curiosity bloom while playing with the book naturally inspired us to buy more, but when we realized good quality quiet books were hard to come by, a new Baby Baby was born.

Our book takes the classic construction to a whole new level by incorporating fresh and inspiring designs along with educational games, specifically curated to engage children in quiet playtime while helping to develop fine motor skills, imaginative play, and enhanced cognitive function.